5 Fun Learning Toys For Preschoolers

Learning and development is important for young children. These toys are designed to be fun, because otherwise no kid in the world could be persuaded to play with them, but they are also designed to help him or her learn important skills. These skills will be important when your child begins school, and could even give them a head start in their educational journey. Check out these 5 ideas we dug up from around the web.

3D Snail Jigsaw

A 3D snail jigsaw with bright colors and numbered pieces to help your child count to 10

Obviously, numbers are an important thing to master for any child. This brightly colored snail jigsaw made from wooden blocks is a fun way for your child to build something. And, because each piece of the puzzle is numbered from 1 to 10 in ascending order, they will learn to count without even realizing it.


Flower Color Puzzle

A flower puzzle with different colored petals to help a child learn the different colors.

Identifying the different colors is another area important in development, and something any child should get the hang of before they start school. This is a puzzle in the shape of a flower with each petal a different color. The board has a space for each individually shaped petal with the color of the corresponding petal segment written on it. by finding which petal fits in where they will also learn the names of the different colors.


Wooden Shape Puzzle

Make your own wooden painted blocks to help a young child recognize different shapes.

When it comes to cost effective toys and games nothing can beat a DIY puzzle set you can make at home. All you need is some wooden sqaures and some paint and you can create this superb puzzle. The brightly colored shapes need to be put together correctly and will help your child learn and understand different shapes and colors.


Alphabet Storage Unit

A kids toy storage drawer unit with letters of the alphabet on the drawers for early learning.

Learning the alphabet is one of the most important skills for any child, so best to start early. Whilst this isn’t strictly a toy itself, more of a toy storage unit, the alphabet displayed on each drawer will help your child to learn his or her ABC whilst they organize their toys (hopefully alphabetically – I think that’s the idea anyway).


Felt Fractions Toy

Teach your toddler fractions using toy pieces of pie made with felt. Brightly colored too, to appeal to kids.

Once your child has mastered simple numbers perhaps you should move them on to fractions. These simple felt ‘pie charts’ will help your child to understand fractions in a creative and fun way.


So there you go. 5 superb and fun ideas to help you to teach your child some fundamental skills without it even seeming like they are learning. Check out our Pinterest board to see more.

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Help your child learn while having fun with these great learning toy ideas