7 Great Boys Toy Ideas

Looking for some inspiration on perfect toy ideas the the perfect (or not so perfect) boy? Take at look at the ideas below scoured from the far flung corners of the internet.

There are, of course, literally thousands of different toys and game ideas out there to cater for just about every child’s taste. However, we have collected together those that we found to be either interesting, different, or just plain perfect for any young boy out there.

Lego Zip Line

Make a quick and easy Lego zip line to test out slopes, angles, gravity and tension plus engineering skills. Lego zip lines are fun!

Boys have always loved Lego sets, but this one is a bit different. Your Lego figure can now have its own zip line, allowing you to let your Lego man zoom across the room, down the stairs or wherever you want.


Digger Ride On Toy

A ride on digger truck from Cat, perfect for toddlers who are into construction.

Ride on toys are always fun for kids, but boys in particular might be interested in a digger style truck like this one. Perfect for the toddler who dreams of working in construction.


Saturator Water Gun

A cool water cannon gun, perfect for boys playing outside.

Water fights and water guns are always fun for kids, especially in summer. This new gun will help your little one take out the competition in no time at all.


Small Dinosaur World

A suitcase that when opened up reveals a small world of dinosaur figures.

For the younger boy interested in dinosaurs you can make your own dinosaur world inside a suitcase. All you need is a small case, some felt and some dinosaurs figures.


Nerf Flying Drone

A flying drone by Nerf, that lets you fire on your enemies from the air. Awesome!

Nerf have always been about toy guns perfect for kids games. They have taken it a step further by incorporating that into a flying drone, allowing you to attack your enemies from above.


Hot Wheels Race Track

A home made toy race track! Great for a child that loves to build as well as cars.

For any boy who loves Hot Wheels car toys, one of these home made cardboard racetracks is an inexpensive way for them to get more from from their favorite toy cars.


Action Figure City

A kind of dollhouse for boys, only instead of dolls it's filled will super her favorites.

A dollhouse for boys might seem like a bad idea. However, take a look at the Action Figure City and you might just change your mind. Perfect for any boy who loves his Super Heros.


So there you have it. Some great ideas to get you started next time you need to buy, or even make, the perfect gift for a child of any age. Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board below for more ideas.

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