Anki Cozmo Robot Toy Review

anki-cozmo_001-970x647-cRobotics are weaving their way into all aspects of our daily lives, and this is so true of toys. The Anki Cozmo Robot is the latest to come onto the market and has been a big hit with adult robot-heads and techies too. Just on the Amazon website alone there are over a thousand positive reviews already – and that figure grows daily. Check out our Anki Cozmo Robot review below to learn more.

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Our prediction was that this would be one of the biggest tech toys last Christmas, and we weren’t wrong! In fact, 2020 is already looking to exceed expectations as the word spreads on the pint-sized robot with attitude.

Anki, who up to now are known for their smartphone guided Overdrive car racing sets, have pushed the boundaries of consumer robotics and AI with Cozmo.

They describe the Anki Cozmo Robot as like having a robot from a movie [think Wall-E] in your own home.

The robot is vehicle shaped – kinda like a mini bulldozer – and is operated by use of a smartphone. When it is delivered it will come with the robot, a charger and three power blocks that are used for gameplay and interaction with the robot.

How Much?

Now we’re not going to say that this is the cheapest robot toy on the market, in fact it is on the more expensive end of the pricing spectrum for a toy. However, for what you get in Cozmo, as you will read below, we think that pricing is justified.

✅ Anki was released late last year and you can check online to see latest pricing (Paid link).

Who Would Buy It?

Anki recommend Cozmo for 8 years old and up. We think it will appeal to most kids and adults who are interested in cutting edge tech toys. It will also appeal to anyone interested in robotics and AI technology.

✅ Things We Like About Cozmo

Cozmo Power Cube
In the picture:
Cozmo playing with one of his Power Cubes. More details:
There are tons of games you can play with Cozmo and his Power Cubes:

Meet Cozmo on Amazon
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There is so much to like about this gadget, actually calling Cozmo a gadget would be doing him an injustice.

First up there is facial recognition built in so he recognizes you when he wakes up from his charger. While he is charging Cozmo snores as well!

The thing is that Cozmo has so many fun features that we don’t know where to start.  What we really like about him [we reckon it’s a boy robot, you may disagree!] is that he really seems like a pet or young child and you will start to feel emotionally connected to him.

He loves to explore, and you can see the world from his eyes on your smartphone while he is exploring. He plays games with you and remembers the ones you like, and sulks if you don’t give him enough attention.

The more you interact with him the more different emotions he shows, and as you play games with him new ones become unlocked.

As Cozmo uses a local device to device connection your information is secure and is never shared, so your details cannot be accessed.

Buying Tip – Retailers often offer discounts and we reckon if you find Cozmo available at below the RRP it’s a pretty good deal, especially if that includes free shipping.
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Things We Did Not Like About Cosmo

Cozmo is very small, perhaps smaller than you might initially imagine. Anki haven’t hidden this fact though, and they actually describe the robot vehicle as palm size. The good thing about this is that Cozmo is easily portable and can be transported with ease.

Is Cozmo Worth The Money?

If you or your kids are into tech gadgets then this is going to be a must have for you. Out of the box Cozmo comes with a wealth of features, such as facial recognition and an AI engine that is superior to any other robot toy on the market.

With the introduction of SDKs released by Anki (SDK means Software Development Kit), owners now have the ability to program their own Cozmo functions. The SDKs simplify otherwise complex programming tasks, making it easy to become a software developer.

For children this adds an educational element to Cozmo giving them exposure to and experience in programming. For adults who love tech the ability to program their own robot is a big bonus too.

✅ We think these features make Cozmo worth its price tag, and you will frequently find retailers offering price reductions too. See the current price at Amazon and find full product specs, buyer reviews and more (Paid link).

Where Can I Buy Cozmo?

The Anki Cozmo Robot was released late 2016, and so far has over 1000 reviews on Amazon. In fact, these reviewers are literally giving glowing opinions on this remarkable little guy. In addition to Amazon you will find Cozmo available at other online retailers as well as regular toy stores.

Anki Cosmo Robot Toy_250x250
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Final Thoughts

Because this is an app based robot that is constantly being updated with new features it literally has infinite longevity potential, ensuring it won’t be a gadget that is left to gather dust. For those interested in robotics or budding software developers Cozmo offers a whole new level of home robotics thanks to the SDKs. Anki have rigorously tested Cozmo and this robot is likely to revolutionize home consumer robotics.

✅ Cozmo is getting rave reviews from kids and adults alike and is often available at a discount. Check the current price here and get ready to fall in love with a mini bulldozer! (Paid link)

That’s the end of our Anki Cozmo Robot review, thanks for reading.