Looking for the best tech toys of 2016? Look no further. Toys have come a long way since the days of wooden trains and plastic dolls, and like many facets of our lives, toys have benefited from the many advances in technology. So which is the best tech toy for 2016? Well, we’ll let you make the ultimate decision on that, but here is a selection of ideas that will surely wet your appetite.

Anki Cozmo Robot

Our prediction is that this will be one of the biggest tech toys for 2016, Christmas and probably 2017! Anki who up to now are known for their smartphone guided Overdrive car racing sets have pushed the boundaries of consumer robotics and AI with Cozmo.

They describe the Cozmo Robot as like having a robot from a movie [think Wall-E] in your own home.

The robot is vehicle shaped like a mini bulldozer and is operated by use of a smartphone. When it is delivered it will come with the robot, a charger and three power blocks that are used for gameplay and interaction with the robot.

Selfie Mic

Dubbed as the “selfie stick meets karaoke”, the Selfie Mic was launched on 1st July 2016, by Worlds Apart, and since then it has garnered a lot of attention. Just as the name suggests the Selfie Mic is a selfie stick with an inbuilt microphone

It allows the user to make their own music videos through its smartphone app known as the Star Maker app. Moreover, it allows the user to sing along with other thousands of songs and post them online. The selfie stick is inclusive of a smartphone holder and a microphone that acts as its handle as well. On the stick end, a wire is attached that helps the user plug it into their device so as to capture different sounds from the microphone, while on the ear piece is fixed on the rear of the mic.

WowWee REV Air

Artificial intelligence has already sped its way into almost every sphere of the modern lifestyle – from hospitality to healthcare – hence; unsurprisingly the A.I. technology has begun to make some serious moves into the world of the latest tech.

WowWee REV Air has become one of the most highly-advanced additions to this list of the best tech toys of 2016. These impressive REV – Robotic Enhanced Vehicles, which are app-enabled and perfectly built to offer you a new era of speed and battle games. Moreover, the long-anticipated WowWee REV Air introduces a completely new drone component to WowWee’s REV battle-game platform. This powerful toy allows you to fly a quadcopter around the battlefield taking on an AI-enabled ground vehicle.

Batman Voice-Changer Helmet

There’s a lot of toy merchandise available that ties in with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but this voice changing helmet has got to be the one that you can have the most fun with.

While critics didn’t rate the film it was still a huge hit with kids and if they like the film they will love this.

UDI U818A WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera

This is a newly released Quadcopter for 2016 and comes packed with features you can fly it using the controller or download an app that connects it with your iPhone or Android Smartphone.

Everything is included in the box to start flying this drone once you have charged it. While you are charging download the app on your phone and you are ready to go. Do read the instructions though as otherwise your first experience with quadcopter flying could be a disaster.

Zoomer Robot Chimp

Over the last few years as well as the Zoomer Dino we have had dogs and kitties but zoomer have really over delivered with this new toy with its functionality and features, making it certainly one of the best tech toys for Christmas 2016.

This hi-tech robot chimp is not released until later in the year but from the videos available and what we are reading about it, it looks like the manufactures have put a lot of work into it.

It is described as being able to carry out over 100 tricks. It also reacts to 10 voice commands, has light up eyes and dance and farts! Its eyes change color to represent what type of mood it is feeling.

SainSmart Jr. VC-03 Rechargeable Voice Control Car

Kids and adults alike love remote control toys, there is nothing like mastering a toy car and getting it to speed about the room under your control.

This RC car goes one step further and it responds to your vocal commands. The voice control car comes in six different versions so you can choose the design or color that you like best.

It comes with the car, a Smartwatch controller and a charging cable.

WowWee Chip Canine Home Intelligent Pet

Another robot dog you might be saying, we’ve seen them before and while they were fun for a few days and maybe lasted the holidays ultimately they ended up gathering dust in the back of the toy cupboard.

Luckily for us 2016 has seen some real advances in robotics and artificial intelligence and this is going to be a year when tech toys finally start matching their claims.

Chip is a robot puppy that while it might not replace a real life pet is pretty close on and is an interactive toy that embarrassingly you will actually grow an emotional attachment to.

Barbie Hello Dream House

Mattel unveiled the Hello Barbie Dream House at the 2016 International Toy Fair in New York City. In addition to the doll coming in different shapes and sizes, it will get a fully connected Hello Barbie Dream House. This will be a Wi-Fi enabled smart home that can be controlled using voice commands

It is a six-room house with an elevator and a mobile app to control it. The app, however, is only required during the smart home’s setup process. It has the Siri-like capability to decode whatever is said unto it and act accordingly. The Barbie Hello Dream House will give children a better playtime since they will be able to control their playtime with voice commands. Barbie also acquires a drone this year.

Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

This is the latest in the Think & Learn range from Fisher Price and is a fun way for your young child to experiment and learn a variety of skills.

The code-a-pillar consists of a motorized caterpillar head that has blinking eyes, sound and lights up and a further 8 segments that connect together and move in different directions. There are also two destination targets with the goal being for the code-a-pillar to reach the target.

So there you have our brief selection of some of the best tech toys 2016 has to offer, and they will surely make great gifts this Christmas. If you think of anything we should have included in our list feel free to let us know.