Check Out These 7 Great RC Drones

Remote controlled vehicles have always been popular toys, but the recent appearance of RC aerial drones onto the market has taken this fun activity to the next level. With a range of different design and features suited to different needs, such as high definition cameras for professional photographers or aerodynamic designs for drone racing, there are plenty of drones out there to choose from. Luckily for you we have put together a collection of 7 of the best and most interesting drones currently on the market.

Storm Racing Drone

The new Storm Racing Drone from Helipal - built for speed with four rotors.

Built specifically for speed, the stylish design of the Storm Racing Drone from Helipal has made it one of the most talked about drones on the market. Thanks to its lightweight chassis and four propellers to keep it aloft it is super fast and agile too. It also includes a wide angle camera to capture shots of your racing triumphs.


DJI Phantom 4

The DJI Phantom 4 Drone - the latest high end drone from the DJI stable.

In the high end of the drone market you will always find one of the latest models from DJI, and their current flagship quadcopter drone is the Phantom 4. The 4k camera makes it perfect for those who like to take snaps or movies of their aerial activity and it also includes image stabilization technology for the perfect videos.


Yanko FS-Q5 Do-it-all Drone

The latest drone from Yanko Design is a Batman inspired quadcopter with a unique look.

The Batman inspired Do-it-all drone by Yanko Design is a sleek looking quadcopter built to be the ultimate all rounder. The innovative design is supposed to give it stealth like capabilities and includes an impressive 360° camera with GPS and smartphone controls.


Nano Quad RC Drone

A nano quadcopter drone for fun flying indoors and out.

Pure unadulterated fun is the name of the game with this pint-sized nano drone. Not only is it ultra small, it is also ultra lightweight and designed for durability, meaning it can easily cope with the odd crash. Whilst it doesn’t boast the same features as the high end bigger drones, it simply doesn’t need them to achieve what is is made for – fun!


Tesla Concept Drone

The Tesla drone not only has an innovative design, but is also packed with features such as a 4k camera.

UK based drone-maker Tesla’s concept drone hasn’t actually made it to mass production and the store shelves yet, but when it does it will surely shake things up. The two independent propellers can be shifted to operate in both horizontal and vertical positions and provide this drone with unrivalled stability in the air. Watch this space, and watch out competition!


GizmoVine Hexacopter

Thie latest hexacopter from Gizmovine boasts increased aerial stability and a range of maneuvers others drones can't manage.

If you believe more propellers means more fun then perhaps a hexacopter like the GizmoVine MJX 6-AXIS GYRO Hexacopter-X800 is the drone for you. Whilst not feature packed like some much more expensive models, it is a good starter drone that allows you to perform a range of stunts such as flips and rolls.


Walkera F210 Racing Drone

The Walkera F10 is another racing drone built for speed and agility.

So we’ll finish this roundup the way we started, with a racing drone for speed freaks. This time it is the Walkera F210 racer. The makers of this sleek quadcopter claim it has been designed like a Formula 1 car combining a lightweight design with a powerful motor to give you a professional level racing drone. As an added bonus the built in HD camera has a night vision mode to capture images in the dark.


So there you have it. Whether you are an aerial racer, photographer, stunt pilot or just in it for the fun, you will find a remote controlled drone to suit your needs. And it doesn’t matter what your level of expertise either,as there are drones to suit all levels of experience and all budgets too.

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