Hot Wheels Track Builder System Stunt Kit Playset

Hot Wheels Track Builder System Stunt Kit Playset

While Hot Wheels have been producing toy car sets for years, and are particularly good and stunt car kits, will there latest offering live up to their usual standard? Read our review below to find out.


With the Hot Wheels stunt kit, your kid can experiment how high he or she can go, how far to jump and how to play precisely without crashing.

The hot wheels track builder system stunt kit playset comes with a measuring stick to help your kid measure performance and reach new levels.

The set also includes launchers, crash intersection, variety of orange track and a variety of assorted connectors and much more. The colors and decorations vary with each kit.

How Much Does It Cost?

Click Here to see the current price of hot wheels track builder stunt kit on Amazon, which comes with multiple configurations for your kid to enjoy nearly endless stunts.

Who Would Buy It?

The Hot Wheels Track Builder stunt kit is a playing set that allows kids enjoy building different stunts. This kit can be set up in any four different gravity-defying configurations. After building a basic stunt base, you can choose the build that will suit the number of experience level i.e. High dump (1); Criss cross (2); Long Jump (3) and The drop (4). If you’re tired of one build, you can take it apart and then rebuild it into a different one.

The set is ideal for kids of any age but very young kids may need the help of adults to put it together. Otherwise, it’s a kit that is not only fun to play but also engages the mind of the kid and makes him or her more creative.

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Things We Like About It

It provides multiple ways to play for many hours of uninterrupted fun: With the kit, kids can experiment with how high they can go, how high they can jump and how well to aim and avoid crashing.

And with each stunt launching the next stunt, the kid can create a thrilling chain reaction.

Tests Your Kid’s Skills: The kit will not only test the skills your kid has but will challenge his or her friends in the ultimate test of timing and timing.

Good Amount of Varied Pieces for a Convenient Price: The set comes with launchers, measuring stick, crash intersections and a variety of orange track and assorted connectors and more. The kit also comes in different colors and decorations which allows you to choose your favorite.

– Cool Pivot Points: This allows you to angle track in many ways which is a big step towards the right direction.

-The new track is sturdier than previous versions

Things we did not like about it

It takes a fairly long time to pull apart the set and rebuild the next configuration which could deter kids with little patience

– The instruction manual is quite detailed, which means you have to read it over several times before you figure out what to do with what.

Is It Worth The Money?

Considering the amount of pieces you get for around twenty dollars we would say that this Hot Wheels set represents good value.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Hot wheels track builder system stunt kit playset can be purchased online and in some local retail toy stores. If you want the set shipped right to your door Amazon is the best bet.

Hot Wheels Track Builder System Stunt Kit Playset_250x250

Final Thoughts

Apart from having to decipher the rather complicated set up instructions this will be the perfect gift for any Hot Wheels fan and should keep them occupied building and performing stunts with their cars for hours at a time.