Lego Architecture New York City

pTRU1-22182980dtThe Lego Architecture range offers a new twist on the classic construction toy. However, does re-creating famous landmarks of New York City offer the same enjoyment as other Lego sets. Give our review below a read and decide for yourself.


This 598 piece set features five of New York’s most famous and iconic buildings; The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, Chrysler Building, Flatiron Building and the One World Trade Center.

This is one of three Skyline style architecture sets from Lego in 2016 the other two include a Berlin and Venice Skyline.

How Much?

This Lego Architecture set retails at a reasonable price online currently, but the price does seem to be fluctuating so check the latest price here.

Who Would Buy The Lego Architecture New York City?

Lego recommend this set for ages 12+ and this would match our thoughts. Unless the child has a special interest in New York other more child friendly set would be more appropriate. We’d say this would make a great gift for a teenager who was interested in Architecture or wanted a more grown up style building set.

Adults will also enjoy making this and it makes a beautiful display item as well. It would make a nice family friendly project as well.

Lego Architecture New York city_250x250

Things We Like About The Lego It

We like the new skyline concept that they have added to the architecture series and though this is a fairly small and easy build the finished result really does capture the style of these buildings.

There is a nice enclosed booklet that gives you facts regarding the history and architecture of New York and these buildings.

You also get a spare mini-figure just in case you lose the top of the Statue of Liberty!

Things We Didn’t Like About It

It is not the most exciting of Lego models to build and some of it can be a bit tedious and repetitive especially the Empire State and Chrysler buildings.

You can already buy some of these buildings as individual Lego architecture sets that are larger and more detailed so if you already have any of them you might feel this set is just repeating buildings you already have and be a waste of money. This set is for those who want a diorama of New York.

Is It Worth The Money?

As you get 5 different buildings and a nice display stand we would say the price for this set is justified.

This isn’t a given but some of these Lego Architecture sets have become collector’s items and have risen in price, so if you are feeling speculative then this set might make a good investment.

Where Can I Buy The Lego Architecture New York City Set?

You can buy this set from the Lego store online and other large online stores such as Amazon. We have checked the reviews on Amazon and it seems very popular.

Lego Architecture New York city_250x250

Final Thoughts

Some people might prefer the individual buildings but we think these new skyline Lego sets looks good with plenty of detail. This would be a great gift for a teenager or adult who is interested in architecture and New York. There are likely to be other follow up sets to this with other skylines so why not start a collection.