My First Crayola Mess-Free Sand Scribbler

Sand ScribblerToys for young children often involve an element of learning and development, and this is true of the Sand Scribbler. There are a ton of such toys out there though, so check out our review below to see how this one stands up against the rest.


Crayola have a range of no mess products for creative kids that save Mom time and hard work cleaning up after them!

The sand scribbler is new for 2016 and allows your child to create sand drawings in a mess-free environment.

The sand scribbler also has a light feature but if you want to use this you need 3 AAA batteries.

How Much?

Currently the Crayola Mess-Free Sand Scribbler is being sold online for around at various prices. You can check the current price and user reviews at Amazon Here.

Who Would Buy It?

Crayola suggest that the recommended age group for this toy is 2 years to 5 years old.

Things We Like About It

We are a big advocate of creative toys and this sand scribbler helps with learning colors, coordination and creative learning.

The scribbling is done with a large ergonomic stylus that is easy for children to grip and is tethered so that it won’t go missing.

Children can then draw shapes in the sand and when they want to start again they just shake the sand scribbler to erase the previous picture.

The basic writing feature works without batteries and uses a magnetic nib on the stylus but there is also a light function that requires batteries. The background light rotates through twelve different colors to illuminate your child’s pictures. There is also a button included that your child can scroll through to find the color they want.

A nice added feature to the light show effect is that it turns itself off after it has been inactive for a certain length of time, thus conserving battery life.

We liked that it is portable and would be great for long car journeys especially. When travelling at night the illuminated background is particularly impressive.

My First Crayolas Mess Free Sand Scribbler_250x250

Things We Did Not Like About It

The actual drawing area is fairly small and the large stylus makes it only possible to draw broad, simple drawings on it. It won’t be ideal for trying to teach words, though you could possibly draw letter on it.

We would say it is better for younger children to teach them about colors and shapes than for older children who maybe are already learning their alphabet.

Is It Worth The Money?

Etch a Sketch and Fisher Price has similar scribbling devices at comparable prices, though this one does have the light show and real sand. For older children the devices where they can actually write words and draw more detailed pictures might be better. For younger children with less coordination skills the Crayola Mess-Free Sand Scribbler might be easier and more fun with the 12 different colored lights.

Where Can I Buy It?

Most online stores stock the range of Crayola toys, Amazon currently has it in stock.

My First Crayolas Mess Free Sand Scribbler_250x250

Final Thoughts

No mess toys get our vote! This is a nice toy for younger kids and will keep them busy especially when travelling it has creative potential and also aids learning. While this pre-school toy didn’t particularly ‘wow ‘us it does what it says and many youngsters will love it.