PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Playset

81njGK6KdVL._SL1188_Playsets are a mainstay of the toy and game industry, despite the increasing number of hi-tech toys around. If your child likes to get hands-on with their toys, this could be the set for them. Check out this review to find out more.


The PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Playset is a water park themed PLAYMOBIL play set which features a swimming pool, two water slides, a multi-level tower, two adult figures, a child figure and a variety of fun accessories such as a ride on tube and a life ring. If you’re considering purchasing the PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Playset for your little one, simply continue reading to discover whether it’s worth buying or whether you’re better off purchasing an alternative play set.

How Much?

The playset is currently available online and in stores, for the latest prices online Click Here (Paid link).

Who Would Buy It?

This play set would appeal to parents whose children collect PLAYMOBIL sets and figures as well as parents who are looking for a high quality alternative to LEGO. Children who love visiting water parks and theme parks will also love this particular play set.

Things We Like About It

  1. It comes with multiple figures

If your child has a habit of losing figures, don’t worry as this particular play set boasts three figures, two adult figures and a child figure. Each figure can bend, sit and stand. If you already own PLAYMOBIL play sets, you can also use your existing figures with this play set.

  1. It encourages imaginative play

One of the unique selling points of this set is that you can fill up the pool with real water, which is sure to excite your child, who’ll love pushing their figures down the slides, into the plunge pool. This set definitely encourages imaginative play and can entertain two or three children at once.

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  1. It appeals to both boys and girls

This set isn’t marketed specifically at girls or boys and would appeal to most children. So if you’re unsure of which PLAYMOBIL set to buy your child, you can’t go wrong purchasing this one.

  1. It’s suitable for a variety of ages

This set is targeted at children between the ages of 4-10. Although older siblings, may also enjoy playing alongside their younger siblings.

Things We Did Not Like About It

  1. It would be nice to have multiple child size figures

As this set is aimed at children, it would’ve be nice if it came with two child figures, instead of just the one. However, you can always use PLAYMOBIL figures from other sets with this playset.

Is It Worth The Money?

Yes, your child is sure to get hours’ worth of fun playing with this particular set. As an added bonus, it’s sturdily built and should look as good as new after several years of use!

Where Can I Buy It?

You can purchase the PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Play Set directly through Amazon, which offers complimentary shipping. Brick and mortar stores which sell PLAYMOBIL sets are also likely to stock it, although the play sets offered by each toy store will vary.

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Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking to surprise your child or a friend’s child with a gift that will give them plenty of hours of enjoyment, you can’t go wrong purchasing the PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Play Set. You’d be hard pressed to find a child you wouldn’t enjoy splashing around with this interactive summer themed play set!