SainSmart Jr. VC-03 Rechargeable Voice Control Car

Rechargeable Voice Control CarBoys love car toys, especially remote controlled ones. But how about a voice controlled one? Is it the future or just a bad idea? Check out the independent review below to learn more.


Kids and adults alike love remote control toys, there is nothing like mastering a toy car and getting it to speed about the room under your control.

This RC car goes one step further and it responds to your vocal commands. The voice control car comes in six different versions so you can choose the design or color that you like best.

It comes with the car, a Smartwatch controller and a charging cable.

How Much?

Current prices do vary, so we suggest you check online to see the current price (Paid link).

Who Would Buy It?

This would make a great gift for any child that likes cars or remote control vehicles. If you have more than one child to buy for it is even better because two cars to race together would double the fun.

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(Paid link)

Things We Like About It

First up the rechargeable batteries are included with the package so you can charge it all up and be good to go. Make sure you read the instructions first and also charge both the car and the watch.

The main selling point for this RC car is that it responds to your voice with eight voice activated commands – Go forward, Go Back, Turbo, Car break, spinout and demo. It also has lights and you can switch them on and off with the commands Light On and Light Off.

It is pretty easy to use but is very fast so take it slowly at first and memorize the Car Break voice activation command!

If you don’t want to use the voice control commands you can control the car manually with five controls on the smartwatch.

The charge holds for a long time so you get plenty of playing time out of it each time it is used.

Things We Did Not Like About It

Some users had issues with the watch not recognizing their voice commands so make sure you speak loudly and clearly.

We thought command ‘Car Break’ was a bit strange, why not just have it as ‘Stop’ this would seem to make more sense.

It might take a while to memorize all the different voice commands at first but young kids are normally pretty quick at picking this up.

Is It Worth The Money?

These are good sized and nice looking RC cars and with the added smartwatch and voice activation feature it makes them a good value product. Throw in the rechargeable battery as well and you have a bargain.

Where Can I Buy It?

Looking online we have only seen them on sale at Amazon and on eBay. Amazon has all six different variants in stock at the time of writing this review. You can check the current price here.

SainSmart Recharbable voice control car_250x250
(Paid link)

Final Thoughts

Remote control vehicles also make great gifts especially for boys, they will especially like the smart looking watch and voice activation functions of the SainSmart Jr. RC car and it is sure to be a surefire hit.