Selfie Mic

Innovation in toys always gets lots of interest, and this is oh so true of the Selfie Mic. Is it right for you and your child? Read the review below to help you make up your mind.


Dubbed as the “selfie stick meets karaoke”, the Selfie Mic was launched on 1st July 2016, by Worlds Apart, and since then it has garnered a lot of attention. Just as the name suggests the Selfie Mic is a selfie stick with an inbuilt microphone. It allows the user to make their own music videos through its smartphone app known as the Star Maker app. Moreover, it allows the user to sing along with other thousands of songs and post them online. The selfie stick is inclusive of a smartphone holder and a microphone that acts as its handle as well. On the stick end, a wire is attached that helps the user plug it into their device so as to capture different sounds from the microphone, while on the ear piece is thatched on the rear of the mic. This product was officially launched in July 2016 through the website
Selfie Mic

How is it used?

Using the Selfie Mic is pretty easy. Simply log into the StarMaker app and select the song of your choice. Place the device in the bracket , plug in the wires and there you are ready to perform your favorite jams. All other functions, from here are in the StarMaker app which is equally easy to use.

How Much

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Who Would Buy It?

The Selfie Mic is suitable for kids above five years. It has no restrictions and can be used by people of all ages.

Selfie Mic

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Things We Like About It

a) It allows the user to sing record and share their own music videos

b) It allows the user to sing, lip sync and also perform to diverse hit songs

c) The Selfie Mic features an adjustable selfie stick, karaoke microphone, earpiece and a free StarMaker app

d) It is mostly ideal for parties

e) It comes with thousands of tracks already available

f) It can be used by people of all ages

g) It requires no batteries for use

h) It helps the users create great and professional looking videos

i) It works on both android and iOS devices

Things We Did Not Like About It

a) It is mostly ideal for music lovers

b) It is suitable for children

c) It must be used together with the StarMaker app which makes the process quite lengthy

Is It Worth The Money?

For all music and selfie lovers, then this device is worth the money. It not only allows you to take cute selfies but also allows you to express yourself musically giving you the music star effect.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Selfie Stick is now available at Amazon and other toy retailers.

Selfie Mic

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the Selfie Mic and the StarMakerapp combination is an excellent way for kids to express themselves musically in a fun and professional way. For all the young karaoke stars who love taking selfies this is just the product to go for.