SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber Climbing RC Car

Can the Spiderman Wall Climbing Car do all the things that a spider can? Probably not actually. Read the totally independent review below to get the lowdown.


So let’s get this straight from the start, this is a made in China remote control car and it actually has nothing to do with the Marvel Comics Spiderman franchise. It’s marketed as a Spiderman wall climbing RC car because it does actually climb and drive up walls.

The car comes in three different colors; black, red and blue – the red one actually does look like something Spiderman might drive.

We are going to delve into the pros, cons and features of this zero gravity car.

How Much?

Currently it is available online and in stores, but we always advise checking online stores such as Amazon to see what the current price is

Things We Did Not Like About It

The car is fairly lightweight and small, so don’t be disappointed when it arrives, it actually needs to be like this otherwise it would be too big and heavy to climb the walls. Even though it is lightweight it is durable and won’t break easily.

It does require 6 x AA batteries that are not included, this could get very expensive if the car is used a lot and replacement batteries are constantly needed. From experience with my kids having lots of battery operated toys invest in rechargeable batteries and a battery charger and you will save a lot of money over a year.

Is It Worth The Money?

For a durable little remote control car that can climb walls we’d say it is certainly worth the money. As mentioned above having to buy batteries could get expensive but take our advice on rechargeable batteries.

Where Can I Buy It?

Amazon currently has all 3 colors in stock and user reviews and videos that demonstrate the SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber Climbing RC Car.

SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climbing RC Car

Final Thoughts

This will make a great gift for young or old and it will provide hours of fun either racing it up walls or around the floor.