WowWee LUMI Gaming Drone Review

WowWee LUMIQuadcopter drones are becoming phenomenally popular these days, with more advanced models coming out daily. For the beginner, especially a young child, the LUMI gaming drone is a great way to get started and is also a lot of fun. Check out our review below.


WowWee has for the past few decades engaged in the manufacture of robotics, with their biomorphic RoboSapien and interactive balancing robot RiP being their major success. And now the manufacturer has launched a campaign for its LUMI dancing drone. This gaming drone comes with autonomous flight and obstacle avoidance, plenty of dance moves and several game modes. It simply provides for a perfect drone that can help you test your ability to follow through dance sequences, create your own unique choreographies and utilize the multi-drone mode for epic dance-offs in the air. The WowWee team is planning to open up the Lumi Platform to creative app developers to help introduce younger generations to the drone technology.

How Much Does It Cost?

Finally released in time for the holiday season, the LUMI drone is now available online and in stores. Best bet is to check prices online for the latest deals (Paid link).

Who Would Buy It?

WowWee is primarily designed for individuals who have little or no experience in flying quadcopters. And if you love making moves on the dance floor, then this drone is also perfectly fitted for you. With a BLE-enabled smartphone or tablet, you can launch the Lumi App on your device and make your screen the dance floor. You can play Lumi on the Beat if you want to test your ability to follow dance sequences and even unlock several tricks as you go. In short if you’re so much into dancing, you can create your own choreographies using the Lumi drone and share you drone’s dance moves with friends or engage them in the ultimate dance-off in the multi-drone mode.

Wowwee LUMI Gaming Drone
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Things We Like About It

Based on its design, the WowWee LUMI dancing drone is a highly advanced and self-stabilizing quadcopter that comes with simple capabilities. With this gaming throne, you can take off, land, navigate and perform other exciting aerial maneuvers with just a simple tap. Major advantages of the drone include:

-The Lumi Beat: WowWee Lumi experience allows you to select any song that you like from your phone or tablet and further challenge you to move to the beat.

– Choreography Mode: This mode helps you create your own unique sequence of aerial moves, control timing as well as light colors for your music. You can also play back the music whenever you feel like.

-Advanced Obstacle Avoidance Capabilities: Lumi comes with several sensors that ensure the drone actively avoids walls, cupboards and plenty of other indoor objects. Also the hand-gesture control helps you play games with Lumi by simply placing your hand in front of the drone and then move it to the direction you want it to.

-The Follow-Me Feature: With this feature, you simply pick up the beacon and the WowWee Lumi will follow you.

Things We Did Not Like About It

-With Lumi beat-a game or rhythm and reflexes- you’re required to press corresponding lumi surface light on the mobile device. If you miss or tap the wrong color, Lumi drops in altitude and if you make many mistakes, the game will be over.

-The quadcopter cannot handle harsh outdoor conditions hence it’s only meant for indoor flights only.

Is it worth the money?

The Lumi dancing drone is a perfect toy for people who have little or no experience in flying quadcopters. And with Lumi’s advanced Lumi controls, choreography mode, obstacle avoidance and follow-me features, the drone is worth every penny. It provides the best training ground for quadcopter flying with only $59 as the investment in the training. So it’s the best take for amateurs.

Where Can I Buy It?

If you’re interested in the WowWee Lumi dancing drone, you can visit IndieGoGo make a preorder. Since it’s not been released into the market officially, you’ll join a group of other backers and get the most advanced and self-stabilizing quadcopter.

At some point the Lumi Drone will go on general release to the public at a higher price point and is likely to be available at online stores such as Amazon who already stock WowWee products.

Wowwee LUMI Gaming Drone
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Final Thoughts

WowWee brings the innovative drone technology to the younger generation and helps them enjoy gaming as they learn the flying tactics. But regardless of your age, the Lumi advanced capabilities will help you enjoy making dance moves with your drone in an indoor setting. With only a BLE-enabled mobile device, you can launch the Lumi app and get started. The price of the drone is reasonably lower so it can be something worth trying if you love dance moves and are eager to learn flying quadcopters.